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The posts on this blog will be done by the respective writers as well as other well-wishers and friends who are interested in accessibility issues.

It is our belief that the economic life of any person is of utmost importance. The amount of money available in a household determines the quality of a child’s nutrition and healthcare, their education and extra-curricular activities. which have a direct impact on future employment and overall quality of life. These issues are more pronounced in the case of a person with a disability, as there are additional challenges to be overcome in any of these areas.
This blog is aimed at providing information about money making and/or money saving avenues available for such a person and their families. We will also feature stories of entrepreneurial spirits in our community who have created ventures where they seek to combine their creative instincts and business savvy.
I am an Indian immigrant to Canada, in my fifties. I currently live in Toronto. I have a medical condition called Spino Cerebellar Ataxia (SCA) and use a power wheelchair. Worked for 25+ years in 3 different countries, in banking and investments.


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