Toyota Mobility Unlimited Challenge with $4 Million in Prizes

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I’m excited to see so many hackathons and competitions these past few years on mobility and accessibility. This month Toyota Mobility Foundation launched the Toyota Mobility Unlimited Challenge with $4 million in prizes available.

Mobility is a fundamental part of being independent and free to participate in society. Yet, globally, society is not fully inclusive to millions of people with paralysis.

While there is no single experience, people with paralysis face barriers to their mobility, and therefore their independence, because of inaccessible environments and inadequate technology.

Mobility devices can be life-changing, but the pace of innovation is frustratingly slow. Disincentives such as small and fragmented markets, regulatory burdens, and difficulties getting new technology paid for by healthcare systems and insurers are all impeding progress.

That’s why we created the Mobility Unlimited Challenge.

Challenge Timeline

16 November 2017 – Mobility Unlimited Challenge launches.
7 February 2018 – Deadline to apply for a Discovery Award.
11 April 2018 – Ten Discovery Award winners receive $50k each. Funds used to develop applications to become a Finalist.
15 August 2018 – Deadline to apply to become a Finalist in the Challenge. Unnecessary to be a Discovery Awardee to become a Finalist.
14 January 2019 – Five Finalist teams announced. Each receives a $500k Finalist Development Grant.
September 2020 – 1 winning team receives a $1m Prize.

I am passionate about people and focused on developing meaningful opportunities for people with accessibility needs through social entrepreneurial initiatives in journalism, consulting, and arts. As a TED talks junkie, I would love to hear your story and ideas. Reach out and connect with me!


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