Enables Me Live!: My Story of What Enables Me

My Story of What Enables Me

Torrance Ho is a co-founder of Equal Grounds, a not for profit dedicated to creating meaningful employment for people with disabilities. He is also an editor, and writer for Enables Me, Power Hockey athlete with the Toronto Power Wheelchair Hockey League (TPWHL), and a supporter of para-sports and accessibility ambassador.

What is power wheelchair hockey? Wheelchair hockey is the same as floor hockey, where we play on the gym floor and play four on four hockey.

Being introduced to power wheelchair hockey at a summer camp, he didn’t look back after that experience going on to represent Toronto at the North American Power Hockey Cup twice and also winning championships and MVPs in the CEWHA and TPWHL leagues.

And in 2012, I started a campaign called Cover Paralympics Now cause I was frustrated with the amount of coverage of the paralympic games on TV

Torrance is a huge fan of sports and after the experience of running a campaign for more Paralympics coverage led to him starting Sports Enables Me, which grew to Enables Me as more friends joined the movement.

In this Enables Me Live! talk, Torrance shares his experience playing power wheelchair hockey and the origin story of Enables Me.

The Enables Me Live! speaker series brings the question, "What enables individuals with accessibility needs?" to a live audience. This is an opportunity for us to listen and converse about the experiences, stories and news on how the arts, fashion, people, technology, travel, and work are enabling individuals with accessibility needs; and a way to share the many perspectives and new insight.


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