Toronto Power Wheelchair Hockey League – Week 6 Recap

Week 6 hosted 3 exciting games –  the Grizzlies (5-0-0) vs. Hornets (0-3-2); the Scorpions (1-2-2) vs. the Pythons (2-2-1);  the Cheetahs (3-1-1) vs. the Gators (1-4-0).




Game 1 (Grizzlies vs. Hornets) Period One saw the first place Grizzlies come out flying and it only took one minute for them to strike. The leagues’ top scorer Saverio Romano took a lead pass from Erin Vassilakos and hit his mark (1-0 Grizzlies).  Things settled down after the initial marker and it wasn’t until 7:36 when Romano (unassisted) and the Grizzlies struck again (2-0 Grizzlies).  The Hornet’s weren’t going to give up without a fight and before the first frame ended they had a number of quality chances but they just couldn’t bury one in the twine.  The buzzer rang with the Grizzlies still up 2-0.  Period Two was a much more even affair with both sides exchanging double markers.  The Grizzlies Saverio Romano (unassisted) got his hat trick at 3:42 and put the Big Bears up by three.  The Hornets matched that effort at 7:46 when Brandy Edwards (Mike Iacovone/Sergio Correia) and brought the Grizzlies back within a deuce.  At 11:54 the Grizzlies pushed back with an Erin Vassilakos goal assisted by Saverio Romano (4-1 Grizzlies).  Then at 14:20 the Hornet’s Brandy Edwards took the feed in close from Mike Iacovone  (4-2 Grizzlies).  Period Three saw the Hornets still buzzing and they struck first bringing the Grizzlies within reach,  At 4:01 Brandy Edwards took another Mike Iacovone pass and beat Grizzlies keeper Mohit Sharma giving her the hat trick (4-3 Grizzlies). It was until just past the half way mark of the final frame (10:45) when the scales tipped again and the Grizzlies Romano converted another solo effort (5-3 Grizzlies).  The Hornets continued to get some quality chances but the Grizzlies keeper Mohit Sharma stood tall and when Saverio Romano (Erin Vassilakos) struck again the Hornets had no sting left in them.  Final 6-3 Grizzlies over Hornets.




Game 2 (Scorpions vs. Pythons) This one was a tight one through the first frame but a costly Unsportsmanlike Game Misconduct given to the Pythons leading scorer Jeremy Schofield at the  end of the first period gave the Scorpions the offensive advantage.   Period One saw both sides playing very close tight hockey and  but both keepers seemed sharp.  At 5;30 of the opener a solo effort from Jeremy Schofield  finally cracked the nut and the Pythons grabbed the lead (1-0 Pythons).  Just past the halfway mark of the first (11:40) a terrific lead past off the stick of Pythons keeper Tracey Taylor gave Don Deschamps a clear opening to the net and the Pythons were up a deuce (2-0 Pythons).  In the dying seconds of the frame a nice feed from Jerry Mariano found David Donnelly in the slot and he slid it past Pythons keeper Tracey Taylor (2-1 Pythons). Period Two found the Pythons, now without their leading scorer, giving all the momentum to the Scorpions.  It didn’t take long for the Scorpions to capitalize and at 1:21 Jerry Mariano (unassisted) picked up a loose ball in front of the net and knocked it home to tie things up (2-2).  Two minutes later (3:20) Jerry Mariano again found David Donnelly moving to the net and he beat Pythons keeper Taylor (3-2 Scorpions).  Period Three saw the Pythons valiantly hold off the Scorpions but they couldn’t find any offensive sparks to draw them even. Final 3-2 Scorpions over Pythons.





Game 3 (Scorpions vs. Pythons)  After the tight / close checking Game Two this one (Game Three) with Fifteen goals was wide open from start to finish.  Period One saw the Gators come out of the gate on fire.  Three unanswered goals (Rob Lagace from Jennifer Raycraft @ 3:25); (Rob Lagace from Scott Allen @ 6:05); and (Nicole Neeson from Jennifer Raycraft @ 6:44) left the Cheetahs scrambling (3-0 Gators).  Period Two saw the Gators continue their rampage   (Nicole Neeson from Jennifer Raycraft @ 1:30) and (Rob Lagace from Jennifer Raycraft @ 4:20)  pushed the Gators lead to 5-0.  As the second frame started to wide down (13:09) the Cheetahs finally got on the board with a solo effort from Franco Paonessa.  Period Three saw the whole thing bust wide open with nine goals in total.  The Gators got four more (Rob Lagace from Scott Allan @ 2:05); (Nicole Neeson / unassisted @ 3:04); (Jennifer Raycraft  / unassisted @ 5:29); and (Jennifer Raycraft / unassisted @ 1120) and the Cheetahs got five (Roberto Monteiro  / unassisted @ 2:40); (Roberto Monteiro from Isaac Vescio & Franco Paonessa @ 4:55); (Roberto Monteiro / unassisted @ 8:04); (Roberto Monteiro from Isaac Vescio @ 9:45); and ( Franco Paonessa from Isaac Vescio @ 12:50) but it was still too little for the Cheetahs.  Final 9-6 Gators over Cheetahs.

On November 26th 2016, the Hornets take on the Scorpions; the Pythons take on the Cheetahs and the Gators take on the Grizzlies at Sunnyview Public School. Come watch the TPWHL next Saturday from 12:30 to 3:30.

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