TIFF 2015: Films on People with Disabilities

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Each year the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) comes to the city with great fan fare. There are many glitzy parties to attend and everyone tuned to celebrity spotting at our local hotspots. For those of you looking for films to catch during the week here are three at this years film festival focused on people with disabilities.


Directed by Naomi Kawase | Japan/France/Germany | 113 minutes

This film is making its North American debut, about a lonely baker reinvigorating his life and business when he hires an elderly woman with an uncanny culinary skill and a mysterious communion with nature.


Directed by Magnus von Horn | Poland/Sweden/France | 102 minutes

This film is also making its North American debut, about a gawky teenager facing fear, hostility and danger when he returns to his rural community after serving time for a tragic crime.


Directed by Kire Paputts | Canada | 92 minutes

This Canadian film is making its world debut, about a young man with Downs Syndrome as he journeys through rural Ontario.

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