The Most Entertaining Sport You’ve Never Heard of

Power Wheelchair Hockey
Source: The Sports Quotient

Read this great article on the 2014 PowerHockey Cup, written by Philadelphia Powerplay defenseman Luke Hoban on his team’s experience and incredible run at the most recent tournament. Here’s a snippet of the article:

First, a quick primer on the sport. It plays with rules that are similar to the NHL, with a few exceptions. There are five total players on each team at a time—three forwards, one defenceman, and one goalie. There are no upper or lower age limits; as long as a player understands the rules, they are allowed to play. Likewise, there are no gender or ability limits either. Some players who can’t physically hold their stick tape it to their wheelchair. Line changes are rarer, and usually occur only when play is stopped. Some players even stay on the floor for the entire 45-minute contest. The “floor” I refer to is typically a basketball court with flexible borders that are about a foot high and run all around the perimeter. There are quite a few rules that are specific to wheelchair hockey, but those are mostly just to prevent players from driving as though they’re speeding down I-95.

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