Sledge Hockey Night in Markdale

Sledge Hockey

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Learning and experience was the name of the game at the ‘Centre Grey Recreational Complex’ on Saturday night. Some of the Mississauga Cruisers took on some of the Jr ‘A’ Grey Highlands Bravehearts in a fun game of sledge hockey.

Kevin Duchane (goaltender), Anthony Gale (forward) and Karl Ludwig (forward) all from the Mississauga Cruisers Sledge Hockey Team played in the game and they were all on Canadian┬áParalympic Team in past years and said “they learned lots from being on the Paralympic Team and the experience was awesome” They brought Olympic Medals with them and signed autographs for fans before game.

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From left: Karl Ludwig, Anthony Gale and Kevin Duchane.

Defensemen, Jordan Cullum and Americo Maraz have a combined sledge hockey playing experience of 25 years and it definitely showed on the ice.

“It was a good learning experience for my team, I think it made them more aware of teamwork”, said Coach Joe Ziel of Bravehearts. Kevin Duchane is also the Goalie Coach for Bravehearts and has brought in good morale for team.

Captain Cole MacPherson and forward Emil Henriksson-Melin were looking forward to some fun and they sure had some, as Sledge Hockey is a lot of upper body strength, the Bravehearts could not really keep up to Cruisers but they did well and helped each other out, so teamwork was achieved.

Karl Ludwig from Cruisers also does stand-up comedy on side but declined to tell a joke as he said “he had no appropriate ones,” that’s OK next time Karl.

Anthony Gale shed some insight into Sledge Hockey for parents with paraplegic children, “Ontario has the biggest Sledge Hockey Leagues, so if you goggle ‘Ontario Sledge Hockey‘ you will find your closest league”.

‘Hockey Night in Markdale’ brought talent as well as fun!

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