Sitting Volleyball Men’s: Jesse Buckingham Overcoming Tragedy

Jesse Buckingham sitting volleyball
Toronto, Ontario, August 12, 2015. Canada's mens team plays Colombia in the sitting volleyball during the 2015 Parapan Am Games . Photo Scott Grant/Canadian Paralympic Committee

Jesse Buckingham who is from Toronto Ontario is playing in his first major competition for the men’s sitting volleyball team at the 2015 Parapan Am Games, after making the National team recently back in March.

When asked about his first time experience, he said:

“… to be at the Parapan Am Games in Toronto, my hometown is amazing. So it’s been overwhelming words can’t express what i’m feeling right now.”

However his story did not start there. His journey began a year ago, in April 2014 where in a serious construction accident losing his leg. With a great attitude and determination he was able to try out for sitting volleyball that same summer and making the team a year later.

When asked on how he overcame his accident, he said:

“I think it all has to do with the mindset of individuals, for me it was tragic I was in a construction accident, so I pretty much knew my leg would be gone and when I woke up it was gone. I just told myself, hey don’t sit around and be sad or do I want to do something. The first thing I said is I want to be an Paralympian. I was fortunate enough to live 24 healthy years and now i’m going to live as long as I can with a disability, disability is not going to stop me, it’s not going to stop anybody.”

Our team member with first time Parapan sitting volleyball athlete Jesse Buckingham. Check out the story on #ParaTough #ParapanAmGames
Our team member with first time Parapan sitting volleyball athlete Jesse Buckingham. Check out the story on #ParaTough #ParapanAmGames

When asked about the Canadian crowd, he said:

“The crowd, oh man, being at home, being in Toronto, being in front of friends and family, Canadians in general is just great. We’ve been having great turnout, every game, crowds of 500, 600, 800 it just gives you goosebumps. You hear them chanting boom boom Canada, it gives you goosebumps it gets your heart going.”

Come out and support the men’s sitting volleyball team as they look to claim the Bronze medal tomorrow August 14, 2015 at 11 AM.

You can find an organization near you to try out sitting volleyball:

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