See Inside Me, Spectacular Vision Impaired Dance Performance

See Inside Me

My family and I recently went to watch a performance at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre called See Inside Me, which featured three vision impaired dancers who have only danced for one year.  The story is about a teenage girl’s emotional journey on dealing with hardships as she finds her way after losing sight in both her eyes due to cancer. One of my favourite parts of the performance was the dancing mannequin routine, I found it entertaining as the mannequins dressed up in full-body suits reminded me of the hockey fanatics. However, the most amazing moments was watching the Vision Dancers (Brandon King, Ramya Amuthan and George Quarcoo); in the first routine, one of the Vision Dancers performed in a scene about a vision impaired musician bringing the subway car to life with her violin, energy and passion. While the finale, two Vision Dancers performed a wonderful routine, both moving with ease as if they have danced for their entire life.


The story was simple and powerful as well where we were taken into the journey of overcoming adversity. The girl, in the end, found a way with the help of her boyfriend’s belief in her abilities who also had vision impairment to become enabled.

It is great to see dZouk Productions create the opportunity to enable individuals with vision impairment through the art of dance with their social dance program and also summer camps for youths in partnership with CNIB. I would highly recommend this dance production. Go and support their next performance this October!

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