Saints Comes Back Again!

Photo by Esther Dzura

3/16/2013 – Lions vs Saints (Boxscore)

After last weeks tie vs Titans. The Saints Comes Back Again in a 3-3 tie against the Lions.

The Lions dominated the 1st two periods to lead 3-0 after 2 with 2 Goals from Kirk Ashman (#92) and 1 Goal from Don Dechamps (#9). Don also chipped in with 2 assists and Lori Edwards (#14) with 1.

However in the third period the Saints came back to score 3 Goals in a span of 2 minutes to tie the game with 2 Goals from Jerry Mariano (#76) and the tying Goal from Erin Vassilakos (#2). They nearly scored a 4th for the win but came up short. Anyway the comeback was even more impressive than last week!

With the tie, the Lions clinch the final playoff spot. This could be a potential 1st round match.

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