Ring of Fire: Call for Participants in ParaPan Am Street Procession!

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Ring of Fire is a 300-person strong street procession, taking place on Sunday, August 9, 2015 along University Avenue, from Queen’s Park to City Hall, and staged at the Parapan American Games.

This is a contemporary art project by Trinidadian artist Marlon Griffith in collaboration with Picasso PRO, Equal Grounds, Mississauga’s of the New Credit First Nation, Capoeira Angôla, and Spoken Word poets from Jane-Finch, Malvern, and Regent Park.

The procession is organized around the Seven Grandfather Teachings: Wisdom, Courage, Respect, Honesty, Humility, Truth, and Love.

This is commissioned by the Art Gallery of York University (AGYU) and produced in partnership with SKETCH, ART STARTS, The Malvern Spot, Success Beyond Limits, COBA and School of Arts, Media, Performance & Design, York University.

The project is mentored by Rose Jacobson & Duke Redbird and curated by Emelie Chhangur.

MAKE YOUR PRESENCE FELT by participating in the Ring of Fire procession. To take part email us here. This procession is open to everyone!

Please indicate in the email if you have any accommodation requirements to ensure your inclusion in this procession.

Wheelchair users and those who use other mobility and assistive devices are encouraged to participate.


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