Parapan 101: Powerlifting


Powerlifting is considered by many to be the ultimate test of strength. The sport made its debut at the 1964 Paralympic Games in Tokyo (the 2nd Paralympics). Powerlifting was originally exclusive to men with spinal cord injuries. Powerlifting now has male and female competitors with a wide range of disabilities. Powerlifting has been part of the Parapan Am Games since it began in 1999.

The objective is to lift the most weight. Competitors are required to lie on an official bench with their head and body in contact with the bench, and their legs and both heels extended throughout the lift. Three attempts are given to perform each lift. The heaviest “good lift” (within the weight class) is used for final placing in the competition.

Powerlifting is the only discipline with 10 different weight divisions. According to the Canadian Paralympic Committee, athletes draw lots to determine the order of weigh-in and lifts.

Results from 2011 Parapan Am Games

You can click here to view the results of the men’s and women’s powerlifting events.

Venue for 2015

Hershey Centre (aka Mississauga Sports Centre), 5500 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga, Ontario.

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