Parapan 101: Judo


Athletes with a visual impairment contest the sport of Judo, and as a result, judokas have contact with their opponent before the match even starts. It has been part of the Paralympics since the 1988 Summer Paralympic Games in Seoul, South Korea for the men, and 2004 in Athens, Greece for the woman.

Judo is developed from the martial art of jujitsu. It was established as a sport in Japan in 1882. Judo includes techniques of throwing and groundwork. It has evolved from a fighting art and emphasises balance, reflex, power, flexibility and coordination.

Judo matches last five minutes for men and four minutes for women. Points are awarded for different throws and holds. The objective is to score more points than your competitor, or to score an ippon which immediately ends the match.

Results from 2011 Parapan Am Games


Event              48kg

Gold                Karla Ferreira (BRA)

Silver              Maria Gonzalez (CUB)

Bronze           Paula Gomez (ARG)

Event              63kg

Gold                Dalidaivis Rodriguez (CUB)

Silver              Daniele Berrardes (BRA)

Bronze           NOT AWARDED

Event              70kg

Gold                Yarima Brooks (CUB)

Silver              Lenia Ruvalcaba (MEX)

Bronze           NOT AWARDED


Event              60kg

Gold                Juan Castellanos (COL)

Silver              Sergio Perez (CUB)

Bronze           Ronald Hawthorne (USA) and Justin Karn (CAN)

Event              73kg

Gold                Eduardo Avila (MEX)

Silver             Gerardo Rodriguez (CUB)

Bronze           Mauricio Briceño (VEN) and Rodolfo Ramirez (ARG)   

Event             100kg

 Gold              Myles Porter (USA)

 Silver            Antônio Tenório (BRA)

 Bronze         Juan Cortada (CUB) and Timothy Rees ( CAN)

 Event            +100kg

 Gold               Yangaliny Jiminez (CUB)

 Silver             Wilians Silva (BRA)

 Bronze          William Montero (VEN) and Tony Walby (CAN)

Click here for more results.

Venue in 2015

Abilities Centre, 55 Gordon Street, Whitby ON


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