Parapan 101: Archery


For people with disabilities, archery began as a means for rehabilitation as well as a leisurely activity. Archery was introduced as a Paralympic sport in 1960 when the games took place in Rome. Ever since then it has been a part of the Paralympic Games Program. The sport is fully integrated by the International and National Federations. Competitions involve people with a disability along with able-bodied individuals. All of the Para-athletes are placed into categories based on the degree of their disability.

The first archery competition was held in 1948 at England’s Mandeville hospital.

Archery is open to athletes with a physical disability such as a spinal cord injury or amputee. Archery is a test of accuracy, strength and concentration. Athletes may shoot from a standing position or a wheelchair.

Results from 2011 Parapan Am Games

Event              Men’s Recurve

Gold                 José Antonio Baez (MEX)

Silver              Michael Oris Lukow (USA)

Bronze            Russell Alan Wolfe (USA)

Event              Men’s Compound

Gold                 Kevin Evans (CAN)

Silver               Robert Hudson (CAN)

Bronze            Lewis Dugan Denton (USA)

Event               Women’s Recurve

Gold                 Eileen Mary Ford (USA)

Silver               Natalie Lynn Wells (USA)

Bronze            D’arce Raelene Hess (USA)

Click here for more results.

Venue in 2015

Varsity Stadium, 299 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON

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