Our Doors Are Open: Welcoming People with Disabilities at Places of Worship

Photo of a man in a manual wheelchair giving a talk at the podium at a place of worship

Are you part of a religious and faith community seeking ways to be more inclusive?

Our Doors Are Open was developed to offer diverse faith communities in Ontario simple and creative ideas to help increase inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities in worship services, events and all activities of the community. More and more, new voices are challenging old approaches to understand and explaining accessibility and inclusion. Our team of experts have lived experience of disabilities and they have given special attention to issues of inclusion raised by members of disability organizations and by voices from the disability community.

This program is developed by a team that is part of the Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC) at OCAD University. IDRC  has worked locally and internationally since its inception in 1994 to build a more inclusive world.

We are offering this free workshop from now until the end of November 2018. Please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you to schedule a workshop for your community.

I am passionate about people and focused on developing meaningful opportunities for people with accessibility needs through social entrepreneurial initiatives in journalism, consulting, and arts. As a TED talks junkie, I would love to hear your story and ideas. Reach out and connect with me!


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