Ontario Home Renovation Funding Available to Seniors and People with Disabilities

MED+ Bathroom

The Ontario government has committed several million in 2017 to fund renovations and reduce the affordable housing strain. This is part of a strategy to offset unbearable costs that long term care, emergency visits and hospitalisation has.

Living at home with a disability at any age has proven to be a far less expensive and more comfortable option for people across the globe when compared to all other options. In Canada, the concept is referred to as Aging-at-home (click to download the provincial strategy)mo

If you or someone you care for is a senior, or is a person living at home with a disability in the MED+ service areas, and is at risk of injuries related to falls, then the below links will provide you with all the information you may need. This information will help you to determine if government funding grants are available to you or to someone you know and help pay for the expense of costly renovations and equipment that is needed to achieve accessibility, safety and comfort at home.

If you don’t live in our service area, don’t worry – simply email me with your city, or state with Home Modifications in the subject line, and I will reply with a direction down the right path to an accessibility specialist in your area.



If you live outside of the MED+ service area, require assistance with a funding application, need financing options or pricing for home safety, accessibility or mobility needs, contact MED+ Home Health Care – Accessibility Division, they have a team that works hard to help clients get the products and services that they need, at a price that is affordable.

You can view photographs of some MED+ Accessibility projects and product inspiration images by clicking these links below:


Ronny Wiskin is the founder of ReliAble Independent Living Services, is the current Accessibility Solutions Manager at MED+ Home Health Care and is a certified environmental access consultant. Ronny can be reached locally at 416-477-5960 ext. 409 or by email at rwiskin@medplushealth.ca



      • Hello Ronny I was wondering if there is any funding from government for stair lift my mother is 70 and cant walk up 6 steps anymore she lives in basement. Is there a website I can apply for her? She is Orleans,Ontario theres Ottawa valley that charges 2500$ to install it but she doesn’t have much money so this is why im asking if there is government funding? my email is cindybourgon@gmail.com she has no computers her name is Pierrette Dupuis. Thanks

        • Is there help to pay for chair lifts in home, brother 76 cannot
          Do stairs and no choice in home but up and down, many health issues cancer, diabetic, depression etc etc low income,

          • Hi, I need a front porch built because my entrance is very low. I am in depression and my wife is also in a depression and going to be getting a knee surgery. I am willing to spend some money, but I need an architect and a construction person who is insured.

      • Hi Ronny
        My husband has been diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer it has spread to his brain and he has a lot of trouble walking let alone climbing stairs. The only bathroom that will accommodate his shower seat and his walker is downstairs. We have a bathroom on the main floor that we could switch out the tub for a mush safer walk in tub/shower. He is 69 years old and we are wondering if there is any financial help available to accommodate this change?

    • Hi there,
      My 80-year-old mother inlaw has health complications and is unable to live own her own. She going to move in with us in our home.
      I’m interested in learning about funding available to her for chairlift installations and other accessibility devices.

  1. Father in law is now in our care in our home and we will be needing certain renovations for him done. We cannot afford the expenses and are wondering if there is help available for his accommodations.

    • Hi, Lynne, do take a look at the funding programs offered by March of Dimes, and depending on which city you live in there are programs as well listed in this article.

    • Hi Patricia,

      Unfortunately Durham region does not provide funding through the Ontario Renovates Program. Take a look at the March of Dimes link in this article to check your eligibility.

    • Hi Anne, as Ronny mentioned above:

      “Unfortunately Durham region does not provide funding through the Ontario Renovates Program. Take a look at the March of Dimes link in this article to check your eligibility.”

      Hope that helps.

  2. Hi
    My brother-in-law just suffered a spinal stroke. I live in pei but thought I could help my sister with research as to what is available. He is currently at Lyndhurst but the goal is to get him home. What is available in terms of subsidies. As of today he is quad.
    Thanks dawna

    • Hi Dawna, your sister and family must be going through a lot at this time. Here are some sources for your family to look into:

      Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) will provide income and other health, dental and other benefits: http://www.mcss.gov.on.ca/en/mcss/programs/social/odsp/

      Ontario Assistive Device Program will fund many technology or tools to enhance a person daily life: https://www.ontario.ca/page/assistive-devices-program

      Central LHIN (Local Health Integrated Network) will provide many home care and other health-related services such as personal support workers, respite care support, pain management nurse, dietician, etc: http://www.centrallhin.on.ca/

      Those are all government funded programs and organizations. Is your sister and brother-in-law’s home accessible or will it need to be renovated? If it does require a retrofit, contact Ronny in this article for support.

      If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me, you can contact me through my profile.

  3. Hello I’m am looking to build a small addition on for my son who has autism and I was wondering if ther was any help/funding available to help build his own space-sensory room. Thank you

    • Hi Mandy, what a great idea! I’m waiting to hear back from a few sources and will let you know if there’s any funding available. Have you connected with organisations such as Autism Ontario to see if they have access to funding?

  4. Need help ASAP .. I have a brain tumour. It is now hard getting upstairs to bed and shower .. need stair lift ASAP .. are there any grants or funds to help with cost ?

  5. Hi I am looking for info on renovating my mother’s home she recently lost a leg and we have no idea where to turn for help financially

  6. Good afternoon,
    My name is Alexandria Leclair n I live in Hamilton Ontario. I have tried calling places for help for the past 6month. I recently had a through knee amputation I just got out of the hospital and wanna stay out of the hospital. But its very hard I can’t get in an out of my home due to stairs my washroom has unfinished toilet seat n my bath tube I need something I can sit in my PSW gets water every where. I guess I am looking to u since this is it there is nothing or no one tht can help me. I am trying to get things organized cause my other leg is potentially going to be taken also. I am sorry it’d just I really need someone to understand how and wht I am going through. I called u in hopes tht just maybe u would help me. I need to be able to get to my appointment tht is the big one I miss being able to go out side and have the sun on my face. A ramp would help me out more then anything. I hoping u can help me out or point me to some one tht can. I have tried everything and every organization out there. I hate asking ppl for help but I am.

    Thank you for listening to me,

  7. Hi Ronnie, my wife and myself have disabilitees that prevent us from bathing.We do have a shower but there is no room for a chair, and frankly places us in danger each time we use it. We are each in our eighties, our eldest son, fifty eight, disabled, unable to work, lives with us since his wife passed. Would there be help available? Ideally, we would like to remove the existing tub and shower, and replace it with either a tub or shower with room for a chair within. We believe the shower makes more sense.. We live in the Peterborough area in Havelock. Please respond.

  8. Hi, I’m looking into a complete renovation for a senior that cares for an adult son with a disability. She is located close to the small village of Magnetawan in Northern Ontario. Roughly 50 Minutes north of Parry Sound .
    She owns this home in need of several renovations . Starting from Roof to possible insulation , furnace , bathroom , flooring , etc. Please help .. Thank you in advance.

  9. Our Royal Canadian Legion Branch does not have the funds to correct a serious problem for veterans and guests…our facility is not wheelchair accessible….would they qualify for some sort of grant to go towards building a ramp, or stair chair or elevator?

  10. Are there any programs for rebates on central air conditioning for those with severe disabilities, including lung issues?

  11. Hello,

    Any idea where I can find provincial or federal assistance to repair my roof? It was damaged from the last big rain storm we had and the snow storm that same year. I live in Ontario, own my home and I am on disability. They have said they cannot help me and with my limited income, I cannot afford to do it on my own. The city I reside in is Windsor.

    Thank You!

  12. Ilive in Towns of Blue Mountains-but in Grey county–I am 73 and has balance issues and severe arthritis–and need to install a walk in -and sit bathtub so I can be independent. Also need to install small laundry unit on main floor some am not using stairs. Can u help me with info on whether any government assistance programs..Am also having to pay 1,000 a year-plus for snow removal and grass–is there any senior assistance or tax credit??Sincerely Eden Hale

  13. I am a disabled 59 year with a serious heart problem. I have my 80 year old dad living with me and a 65 year old mab as a boaeder. I do not own the home but the lanlord said if I came up with the fund I could fix up our tub / shower with safety handles . I am on ODSP and CPPD. None of us get alot and it is hard yo get it fixed for us I have a wheelchair as I cannot walk distances. Both Dad and I have COPD and Heart problems he has has a triple bypass. Would we qualify or not due to we do not own the home!

  14. I am looking for a grant/loan for my elderly parents to repair their roof. They live in Timmins Ontario and I can’t find any applications for them to fill in for this type of home improvement.

  15. I’m wondering about grants available for home renovations in the Kenora, Ontario area. My mother has been recently disabled and I need to do renovations so that she can live at home

  16. My husband has dementia, i have trouble getting him in an out the tub, what funding are there for tub conversation or easy accessible tubs. We live in Niagara Falls. Please reply as soon as possible or direct me.

    Thank you so much

  17. Hello,
    We are seniors and our house is in need a new roof. Are there any assistant available under the seniors program.


  18. My husband is 73 years old and has CIDP. He lost all mobility in 2018 when he had an autoimmune disorder which destroyed the myelin sheath on his nerves and he became spent 6 months in hospital in 2018. He has recovered about 90% and is walking but still has trouble with balance and is high risk for falls. He is able to cut the lawn on a ride-on lawn-mower but can no longer do weeding or gardening because he has difficulty with balance. We want to stay in our own home so would like to renovate the lower level of our home, putting in a kitchen and making the Suite suitable to rent out in order to generate an income so we can stay in our own home. Is there any funding that help us with renovating so we can afford to stay in our home?

  19. Hello, My name id Gord and I am inquiring about a stairlift for my mother who lives is a two story farmhouse in the Kawartha Lakes area of Ontario. She is currently on medication for her legs and hips, and would like to know if there was a grant that would help her with the purchase and installation of a straight stairlift.

  20. Hi – my mom lives in an apartment in our basement in the west end of Toronto. She is 93, has congestive heart failure, and is having difficulty getting into her bathtub. Is there still any funding help in Ontario/Toronto for a bathroom reno? She would benefit enormously from a no barrier shower. Thanks.

    • Hi Ross, I am looking for the same assistance or at least the name of a contractor. Have you heard back from Ronny, the owner of this website?

  21. Hello, I’m trying to find Ronny’s contact information, the owner of this website. I need a bathtub renovation for accessibility for my parents and would like some referrals for reputable reasonably priced contractors.

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