Money for People with Disabilities is Out There, Just Go For It!

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After having great success with our campaign about running an RDSP Awareness last month, a huge number of readers and a considerable percentage of participants of the survey were annoyed by not knowing there was a Registered Disability Savings Plan for them to take advantage of. Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible to open this RDSP for different reasons, one of them is being older than 49, and the other is that the physical or mental state of the applicant doesn’t fulfil the CRA criteria to get the disability tax credit, which is a requirement to open that account.

A person with an impediment uses different abilities to keep everything that matters under control in all circumstances. For instance, an individual who is differently able can use the key to open the doors of community services. Government offices and independent groups that offer health and social support, as well as financial aids, will help her/him with costs of purchasing necessary equipment, home modifications and other needs. Also, people with special needs are counting on their family members and social workers, when they need help the most.

This month is dedicated to those who will not get the grants and bonds on the RDSP as they aren’t qualified for them. However, their concerns about limitations, due to lack of monetary resources and income support, can be resolved by applying to other programs. I have created a directory of the 10 most well-known institutions that provide support for funding and social care within Canada and Ontario.

  • Service Canada Centre, a federal organization that allows civilians and veterans with disabilities access its benefits to cover their needs (in some instances, their families) on employment, health, housing, education, taxes, children’s programs and others.
  • Education Funding for people with disabilities; a national division which offers grants for students with a permanent disability. Also, grants for services and equipment, if needed.
  • Ministry of Community and Social Services, a Provincial institution that helps Ontarians to live, work and participate in regular activities through two separate social assistance programs: Ontario Works and ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program).
  • Ontario Works, which funds temporary income to cover immediate needs, such as food, shelter, medical prescriptions, dental, glasses and diabetic supplies. Also, they assist with finding job for the applicants based on their experience and skills. To apply online go here.
  • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) provides a monthly income to people with disabilities that are in need to cover their living expenses, medicine and vision care. Also, it will guide you in the search for a job or to keep your current job by enhancing your working skills. Find out if you are eligible here.
  • Employment Ontario, connects those who are looking to be hired (without discrimination) to sponsored agencies that will address each person accordingly. For instance, if you need to be trained on any/specific skill, they will take care of it. You can find those agencies by typing any of these keywords (training, second career, employment, etc).
  • Developmental Services Ontario, runs the Adult Protective Service Worker Program. This entity works with community agencies by financing services and supporting adults that live by themselves with a developmental disability.
  • Ministry of Children and Youth Services has a program called Assistant for Children with Severe Disabilities, which provides financial assistance to parents or guardians taking care of a minor with a severe condition that needs special supplies and other costly devices.
  • Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, subsidize elderly (65+) with equipment and oxygen through the Assistive Devices Program (ADP). Their physical limitation must be over 6 months long to be eligible for.
  • Other independent organizations, such as Easter Seals Canada, PLAN, March of Dimes and other charitable foundations and non-profit organizations are delivering programs and services for everyone who has a special need. Take their word and act!
  • Now is the time to start the process of applying to more than one of those fantastic institutions that always look for ways to help and support people with disabilities. Get all the benefits from the government and other sources. You deserve it all!

I appreciate your thoughts and feedback. That will help a lot!

PS. The survey contest is extended until June 30th… So don’t miss it.



  1. Bonjour..I was so grateful to find your site through surfing the internet..a kinda one stop shop..been searching for such info. sporadically, for well easy access, easy informative reads..though I did not find what I was looking for today..I have learned about new programs/criterias etc..hopefully in the future it (your info) will become accessibly out there for disabled, almost a senior, such as I..looking forward to reading your newsletter!..once more, t.y. …moi, orleans-ont.

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