Madeline Stuart: No Dream Is Impossible

Madeline Stuart

Everyone wants to be loved and accepted for who they are. That is universal. However not everyone has love and acceptance of who they are.

This article focuses on the former. It focuses on a young woman, named Madeline Stuart who has Down Syndrome. Maddy attended a fashion parade with her mom. Right then and there Maddy decided she wanted to be a model. Her mother wanted to support her but she also had reservations. She sat Maddy down and explained that it was a very realistic goal but a lot of work had to be done. Maddy’s mom explained that she would need to be super fit and eat healthy.

Even though Maddy wasn’t in a healthy weight range, her mom arranged a photo shoot. She felt that it was a reality in itself that Maddy had to face. The photo shoot went extremely well. Maddy had a great time. Her mom was hesitant to see them but she was pleasantly surprised.


Maddy’s mom created Facebook profiles with her pictures. They were very well received. Most people sent encouraging comments. Some even called Maddy an inspiration. Maddy has walked the catwalk in New York, become the face of a cosmetic company, she has a handbag named after her and her pictures have been published in every major newspaper in the western world.

This article demonstrates that no matter what your ability is, NOTHING should stand in the way of your dreams. Maddy’s mom said “Ultimately, this is not about modelling to Maddy and I. This is about breaking down the walls of confinement that so often threaten the lives of the disabled.”

To read the original article here.

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