Kings crush Mustangs Playoff Hopes

TPWHL Kings vs Mustangs

961410_10155388266475121_1129044482_nMarch 7, 2015 – Kings vs Mustangs (Boxscore)

The 2014-2015 race for the final playoff spot is a tight one for the Mustangs Kings and Bulldogs. Faced with a must win situation the Mustangs took to the floor against the Kings in the hunt for the last playoff spot.

The Kings would open the scoring early in the first period with 2 quick goals from Isaac Vescio and David Donnelly respectively.  It wasn’t until late in the first that Roberto Monteiro would answer back with his first goal of the game for the Mustangs.

The second period saw Roberto add to his point total with another goal. Only after Sharmin Alam added two of her own for the Kings.

The third period saw the Mustangs make a valid attempt at making the comeback.  It looked like they had finally figured out how to beat Leo Xu.  The shots were coming fast and hard at him with Mike Iacovone being able to find the back of the net on two different occasions. Unfortunately the Mustangs fell just short in their comeback, thus ending their chances at making the playoffs for the 2014-2015 season.



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