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Help Wanted for Escape Game Research

A collection of items that would be used in escape room games laid out on the table. From a clock, typewriter, lock, photos, keys, and police file.

My name is Or Denemark. I am looking into the possibility of making one of my favourite activities more inclusive and accessible. Escape rooms are very popular in today’s recreational scene. To those who have not heard of Escape rooms, the concept is quite simple. Get out of the room you are in, in a certain amount of time.

The rooms usually are themed with some backstory to help you navigate the space. To get out you are usually expected to solve several interlocking problems and puzzles in the room. All the information that you need is given to you within the room and common sense is the best guide to the solution. For example, if you have a blue key and a green lock they probably don’t go together.

Here is an example of a simple online escape game my passion for escape games began online but I must say that the immersive experience of actually being in the room trying to think outside of the box and solve a puzzle under pressure is much better.

The reason that I bring this whole topic up is that I have yet to find an escape room that caters to wheelchair users.  Some escape room locations are wheelchair accessible in terms of parking and bathrooms but the escape room itself is not. The puzzles might require you to reach up or down, some of them require you to look under objects that are not movable and some to squeeze through a smaller space that for sure won’t fit a wheelchair.

I was hoping to connect to others interested by this topic and try to understand if there is a big enough demand to support a business. I would love to hear as many opinions on the matter as possible: have you done an escape room in the past that you would consider adequately assessable; would you be interested in contributing to the development of puzzles accessible to a wider range of wheelchair users? If you have thoughts on these or any other topics, please contact me.

Another thing that would be a big help is if you would share this short survey among your friends.

The more people that answer this survey the better I will be able to understand if this idea is feasible.

Thank you so much for your time.

Or Denemark

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