Fitness with Julie: Stretching

Stretching is essential for the body as it loosens our tight muscles and warms them up, think of it like steak- when raw it’s tough and cold- when cooked it becomes tender and warm (as long as you don’t over-cook it, so don’t over-stretch 🙂

For those of us in wheelchairs, it’s easy for our muscles to tighten up if you self-propel like I do stretching the legs and feet are important; as well as the upper-body if you’re an arm wheeler or even if you just use them sometimes 🙂

Here are a few links to stretching videos:

Fitness with Julie: Previous Videos


Julie Z
Fitness and all-around good health is very, VERY important to me and along with my regular fitness; I practice Chair yoga and have a certification in it! In my vlog 'Fitness with Julie' I show you how we can workout even with disabilities, it's all about adaptation, determination and PERSISTENCE!!! Please feel free to contact me; [email protected]


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