Fitness with Julie: Exercise + Eating

Now, first of all, let me start by saying, our bodies are all different; just like exercise, certain foods may not fit with your lifestyle.

Although you may conger up excuses as to your unhealthy diet, I am sure that’s all they are; excuses! yes, a little harsh sure but hey no pain no gain!

There are numerous products out there today that cater to healthy eating! I could really go on about this topic for a while but I will keep it short and just say that grocery shopping should be somewhat of a venture, discovering new foods/drinks & extending the palette (think of it like stretching; your body is open to doing more the more you stretch, just like your palette becomes more ‘stretched’ into trying new tastes).

So go on and be adventurous with your food and try new things, you may be surprised!

*The new fruit i have tried recently are ‘kiwi berries’ sweet but not overly*

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