Fit Friday with Julie: Yoga Asanas


As I am an avid yoga practitioner, asanas are something I find myself doing daily, it just comes naturally to me now. Here is an article on four asanas that I do time and time again. The ‘cat’ and ‘cow’ poses are good because you can go from cat right into cow pose with a smooth transition, it is also good for us in a wheelchair as it gives the spine and back muscles a good stretch!

The ‘side bend’ is a pose I always do during my cool-down as I usually work my obliques in my workout and lastly is the ‘eagle’ pose which I must admit I don’t do but do something similar. These are some simple poses you can do from your chair so take the time relax and enjoy!

From WIKIPEDIA: …Asanas are also performed as a physical exercise where they are sometimes referred to as “yoga postures” or “yoga positions”. Some asanas are arguably performed by many practitioners just for health purposes. Asanas do promote good health, although in different ways compared to physical exercises, “placing the physical body in positions that also cultivate awareness, relaxation and concentration.”

Fitness and all-around good health is very, VERY important to me and along with my regular fitness; I practice Chair yoga and have a certification in it! In my vlog 'Fitness with Julie' I show you how we can workout even with disabilities, it's all about adaptation, determination and PERSISTENCE!!! Please feel free to contact me;


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