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Fit Friday with Julie: Sun Salutations

Today I show you two ‘Sun Salutations’ to add to your other yoga exercises! Enjoy!

Salutation 1

  1. Palms together in prayer position
  2. Inhale stretch arms out front
  3. Exhale bring arms out-to-side
  4. Inhale bring hands together above head
  5. Exhale stretch up to ceiling
  6. Inhale bring arms out-to-side
  7. Exhale finish in prayer position

Salutation 2

  1. Inhale in prayer position
  2. Exhale bring arms together above head
  3. Inhale arms out-to-side
  4. Exhale arms across chest
  5. Inhale release body forward
  6. Exhale open up body- arms pushed back
  7. Inhale finish in prayer position
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