Fit Friday with Julie: Motivation & Disabled exercise

‘Uh no I CAN’T DO THAT’…. WRONG attitude my friend…put effort into your exercise, focus, do what you have to…OK if this all doesn’t work, think ‘I am UNABLE to do this right now, I’ll try again soon’

Honestly I workout quite a bit and over time have realized I am unable to do things and I have to say in my head ‘be gentle with yourself’ ( a mantra my past Councillor gave me) so I don’t beat myself up…even though I admit I still do sometimes…’hey nobody’s perfect!’

What I’m basically saying here is, DO WHAT YOU CAN and be proud of YOUR fitness work!


Here are some tips on Disabled fitness:

Keep up the good work & NO PAIN NO GAIN! Catchya next week!

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