Fashion Friday: Style for Everyone with iZ Adaptive

Fashion Friday IZ Adaptive

iz01If you or someone you know is in a wheelchair, you know that trying to find stylish clothes that fit perfectly is essentially impossible. More often than not, there is too much material and it looks very bulky. The person wearing the clothes looks lost and don’t feel comfortable. Alterations are a must. Well fear not, there is now a solution to this problem!

Well know Canadian designer Izzy Camilleri now has a line of adaptive clothing that is made specifically for a seated frame and people who use a wheelchair. People can either look online, or go to her store, which is located in the West End of Toronto. Her line of adaptive clothing is called iZ Adaptive. Not only are the cloths comfortable, but they are very stylishas well.iz02

People might ask, “Well how do we know that the clothes really are stylish and comfortable?” Well, I can tell you that they are exactly that. I have pieces made by Izzy. Every time I wear them I get very nice compliments. They do not look like they have been made specifically for someone in a wheelchair. The only way you can tell is if someone points it out.iz03

I got to know about the line because my sister saw a segment on Cityline. She knew how difficult it was for me to find clothes so she recorded it and showed it to me. I was very excited. I thought, “Wow, now I can get clothes that I know will fit me correctly and I will look and feel good”.

When I wear Izzy’s clothes I feel great. I feel confident because I know that the garments are made for me! I recommend anyone looking for well made, stylish clothes to take a look. You can go to The iZ Adaptive boutique is located at 2955 Dundas Street West. It is recommended you make an appointment.

Alexis Pastuch
I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I am proud to be a part of this team that talks about issues regarding disability because I think it needs to be heard.


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