Fashion Friday: Epiphany Design Poncho to Keep You Warm

Torrance in Poncho

Recently I received the Epiphany Design poncho from fellow Enables Me writer and friend Neil. The poncho is designed perfectly for a power wheelchair user, as it fits right over the person and the wheelchair. This thoughtful design makes it much easier for a caregiver or friend to help someone in a wheelchair put on a jacket without having to deal with the uncomfortable arm-twisting that is encountered with typical jackets. A huge benefit for me is that the poncho sits on top of me and doesn’t add too much weight which typically jackets do that limits my mobility when controlling the joystick.

Me in the poncho!

The poncho is made of leather and is very soft, comfortable and warm, which is perfect for the wintertime. I would recommend this to anyone using a wheelchair.

Epiphany Design was a Canadian company that created outerwear for persons with physical disabilities, unfortunately, they no longer exist. You can find other ponchos designed for wheelchairs here.

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