Exploring Your City with Access 2 Entertainment!

Photo of the Easter Seal's Access 2 Entertainment Card

Have you heard about the Access 2 Entertainment program? The Access2 program was created by Easter Seals Canada in 2004 to provide persons with a disability an opportunity to go out with an attendant without worrying about additional costs. Once you apply to the program you will receive a card (Five-year expiry date) with your name which you just need to show at various entertainment venues across Canada. You can go to their website for a full listing on where the Access 2 Entertainment program is accepted.

Ripley's Aquarium

The Access 2 Entertainment program has enabled me to enjoy going out to recreational activities and entertainment with my family and friends locally without worrying about payment. For example, over the summer my friend and I went to the newly built Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in Toronto, where we only had to pay for the price of one ticket for admission. We had a great time seeing all the amazing sea creatures. I also enjoy watching movies, so I usually use the Access 2 Entertainment card when I go to Cineplex where I once again pay for one ticket and the attendant is free. If you have not applied for one yet, you should do it today. It’s a great program!

For additional information about the program here.

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