Equal Grounds Training Pilot

Equal Grounds training
It’s always been hard as a person with different ability to find suitable work. So my brother and I started up a company called Equal Grounds to help create job opportunities for people with different abilities and also focus on technologies to enable us to be more productive in work and for everyday life. On Saturday, July 6 we had an Equal Grounds training pilot and we invited a few people from TPWHL to pilot this program. On the day we did a lot of exercises to help us open up and we also had an opportunity to try a technology called the EyeWriter, a device that enables us to draw with the movement of our eyes.
The glasses for the EyeWriter was heavy on the face and I had some trouble using it but it was still fun. It’s exciting to think that this technology is available and to think about the possibilities that could come from this technology like surfing the web, checking email and among other ideas. I felt that the exercises helped me open up and better understand ourselves. The one I enjoyed the most is the “Good and Bad”. For example, “What is the bad of sunshine?” And the answer someone would give is “dehydration” or “sunburn”. Overall I thought it was a successful training pilot for Equal Grounds and I think all the participants had a great time and they are very interested in continuing with our company. We will also hold a bigger training program in August.
Power Hockey Athlete with TPWHL, Passionate Sports Writer, Huge supporter of the Paralympics and para sports, Accessibility Ambassador, Co-Founder of Equal Grounds.


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