Enabling Individuals with Disabilities through Art

Torrance and his art teacher
Back in 2003, I was lucky to have private art lessons taught by Emillie Chan, who is a great artist in her own right. She has an art program for persons with disabilities which help individuals pursue a career in art and she promotes their work through art shows and other events. Her students are mainly based in Hong Kong and many of the students have adapted using their head, mouth, or foot to create their artwork. Ms. Chan is a kind hearted and caring person, and I am very thankful to her for taking the time to teach me art.
My grandpa

A few years later in 2009 I was asked by Ms. Chan to be part of the Embracing Life Art Exhibition, an art show hosted by the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto featuring her students of all abilities from Hong Kong and Toronto. Three pieces of my artwork were showcased at the art show. It was a fun experience being part of my first art show.

At the end of the week, there was a big dinner gala to raise funds for the Fu Hui Education Foundation. During the gala, there was a live auction for our artwork, where one of my favorite art pieces was sold to a gentleman and his wife. Later in the evening the couple gave my art piece back to me, which I really appreciated because I created the piece for my mom for Mother’s Day. In appreciation, I decided to give them a copy of the piece.

My artwork at Hong Kong Central Library

During March 27 to 31 this year, I was once again part of another art show hosted by the Hong Kong Central Library, which I could not attend in person. This time, five pieces of my artwork were showcased and one of them was sold, which I was really surprised about. The proceeds from any artwork sold go back to the student and part of it goes to the Fu Hui Education Foundation.

Below are some of my art work.

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