Enables Me Live!: How Tecla Came To Be

Tecla Shield

Mauricio Meza is co-founder and CEO of Komodo OpenLab, a certified B Corporation that develops technologies that enable simple and easy access to mainstream technology for millions of people with mobility impairments. Mauricio has a background in Biomedical Engineering and worked for almost a decade as an Assistive Technology Consultant at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute recommending and supporting assistive technologies for people with disabilities prior to completing his MBA degree at Ryerson University.

When the iPhone came out and it was pretty big moment with people coming to our department and asking, “I saw the iPhone how can I access the iPhone?” And at the time, it was like, not a lot. It’s not accessible.

Inspired by the TV show The Six Million Dollar Man as well as the movie The Bone Collector, Mauricio worked as an Assistive Technology Consultant for several years in Toronto before starting Komodo OpenLab with a former classmate when they both studied in Mexico.

That’s actually making them really happy that we can actually enable users to take advantage of the latest technologies.

What Mauricio, Jorge, and the Komodo OpenLab team developed redefines the way users with mobility needs interacts with the world.

In this Enables Me Live! talk, Mauricio shares his personal experiences and origin story of the Tecla Shield.

UPDATE 2016: Tecla and Bell announced a partnership to offer Bell customers a Tecla Kit for $200 which includes the Tecla Shield and Tecla Mount. Find out more here.

The Enables Me Live! speaker series brings the question, "What enables individuals with accessibility needs?" to a live audience. This is an opportunity for us to listen and converse about the experiences, stories and news on how the arts, fashion, people, technology, travel, and work are enabling individuals with accessibility needs; and a way to share the many perspectives and new insight.


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