Electric Hockey Royalty at Evergreen Brickworks

Electric Hockey

It was truly an honour to have the royal couple from Denmark to be at the Electric Hockey demonstration yesterday at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto. The four players selected to participate were Owen McGonigal, Karl Ludwig, Erin Vassilakos and Brent Alexander Lyon.

The goal of Electric Hockey is to grow in North America and to become a Paralympic sport which I believe will be big due to the fact that the sport chair is standardized and creates an equal playing field no matter the ability of the player.

For someone with Muscular Dystrophy that may have limited upper body strength, it’s great that Electric Hockey is another option that I can compete in. Watching Owen play throughout the event made me believe that the sport can enable a person with a disability.

For more information on Electric Hockey check out http://www.hockeysportinternational.com/

Power Hockey Athlete with TPWHL, Passionate Sports Writer, Huge supporter of the Paralympics and para sports, Accessibility Ambassador, Co-Founder of Equal Grounds.


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