Electric Hockey Demo at Variety Village

Electric Hockey Demo

It was the first day of electric hockey demos at Variety Village, we had a PowerHockey and Electric Hockey scrimmage which was a lot of fun and a different experience. It was neat to see the electric hockey chairs created by UB-Let in action. What impressed me most even though I didn’t use them is that they look cool.

The TPWHL players that were present testing out the electric hockey chairs had a good time. From the participants this evening, some would be open to playing on a regular basis if they were given a chance while others weren’t as enthusiastic about playing the sport.

The speed of the chair is faster than typical power wheelchairs, and more aerodynamic much like go-karts. For the participants that were use to controlling the ball with the stick in hand, it took some time to adjust to the ball control solely with the electric chair. The electric chair can be customized to those that require a headrest or additional body stabilizers.

The electric hockey chair was created by the proceeds from the 18th birthday of Frederik, the crown prince of Denmark. This Friday, September 19, there will be a demo of Electric Hockey as a thank you to the crown prince with Sledge Hockey Paralympian Karl Ludwig, and Muscular Dystrophy Canada Ambassador Owen McGonigal participating in the exhibition game.

Watch our interview with Allan Johassen of UB-Let below.


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