Donate Your Old Broken Folding White Canes

Photo of a man using a folding white cane

The Canadian Federation of the Blind wants your broken, battered unused folding white canes. Don’t landfill these items. Your unwanted canes and cane parts will be serviced and reused. Any proceeds raised by this program will go to support the Canadian Federation of the Blind. Their programs include legal and legislative advocacy, public awareness and outreach, mentoring for travel and independent living skills, and distribution of free straight canes and cell phones. The CFB is a totally voluntary grassroots organization of blind people speaking for ourselves. They believe that with training and opportunity, blindness can be reduced to an inconvenience and the blind can compete on equal terms with the sighted. For more information, please visit

To donate your old canes and cane parts, send them to:

Erik Burggraaf
1377 Merrittville Highway
Welland ON L3B 5N5

or drop them off at Vision Aids Canada, 795 Eglinton Ave East in Toronto.

They are going to run their cane drive until October 31st. If it is a success, they will keep it going. So, dig through those closets. May pieces of old canes can be reconditioned and reused.

Thanks for supporting the Canadian Federation of the Blind. If you know someone they can help, or you would like to volunteer, please email or call (250) 598-7154.

Program availability currently subjects to geographical and other restrictions.

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