Chair Yoga???

chair yoga

I had never heard of Chair Yoga until about 6 months ago… but I’m so glad my neighbour introduced me to it!

I now teach Chair Yoga at our local fitness facility, I teach every Wednesday, but this does not mean it’s the only time I practice it.

As Chair Yoga is done sitting down, you can take time out from computer work, do it while you’re watching T.V. and even outside!

I am in a wheelchair and many might think wheelchair? Well, you CAN’T do anything then… Yes, you can still exercise, it has made me more aware of my breathing and made my life meaningful. Again, not only is it great for those in wheelchairs, but it’s wonderful for anyone; problems getting down on the floor, or up off the floor? No worries here!

You may think it’s more for the elderly, that’s just not the case, the positions can mostly be modified for people who are more flexible and for those who aren’t… BUT you’re in a chair, how can you possibly be exercising? BELIEVE me, you are, there are numerous times after Chair Yoga, that I feel my muscles or body more than before!

If you are looking for a different alternative or something you can do at work, home, on a long plane trip etc. CHAIR YOGA is the exercise for you!!!

Stay tuned as Julie Z will be sharing Chair Yoga poses with you once every two weeks to start your week off strong 🙂

Fitness and all-around good health is very, VERY important to me and along with my regular fitness; I practice Chair yoga and have a certification in it! In my vlog 'Fitness with Julie' I show you how we can workout even with disabilities, it's all about adaptation, determination and PERSISTENCE!!! Please feel free to contact me;


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