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Chair Yoga: Crunches

chair yoga

Yes, you can do crunches in your chair…who knew right?

Wheelchair- if you’re able to, move foot pedals for this one, if you can’t no worries, there’s modifications for most poses!

1. Extend feet straight out in front of you on floor (if using foot pedals, it’s ok just keep feet on them)
2. For this one, it’s ok to place lower back on chair, just make sure you’re sitting up-right
3. Cross left arm over chest to right shoulder & cross right arm over chest to left shoulder
4.Crunch forward slowly
5. Repeat as much as you can, start maybe with 2 reps of 10, so do 10 then another 10, remember do slowly

Benefits- gives abdominal a good workout, also gives back of legs a good stretch & strengthens upper back

When you are done, you want to stretch it out,

1. Clasp hands together straight above head
2. Pull upwards keeping back straight (resting back on chair is ok)
3. On the inhale raise arms, on the exhale let elbows bend a bit
4. Do same sideways with arms, stretch left & right, stretching out sides

I am a big believer in always stretching your muscles out!

If you ever have questions about poses, please comment on this or any blog I post!

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