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Chair Yoga: Cat/Cow Stretch

chair yoga

This chair yoga pose will be our last ‘upper body’ exercise for this year, there are so so many you can do! If moving your legs is impossible or difficult for you, let me know if you would like some more ‘upper body’ poses!

1. Sit straight up, place hands just above knees if in a wheelchair place back off chair if possible & feet on floor, if using foot pedals, it’s OK you may just not get as ‘deep’ of a spine stretch
2. Inhale, move hands forward on knees, bring head down & arch back
3. Exhale, move hands back to starting position & bring head slowly back up & spine straightens
4. Repeat 3-5 times slowly

The benefits of this pose are that it makes the spine more supple and gets you to relax back and shoulders.

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