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Chair Yoga: Full Body Warm-Up

Now that you have your starting calming warm-up, let’s do a full body chair yoga warm-up!

Sit like girls in the picture, legs at 90degrees, back off the chair, core tight.

Hug yourself- twist left & right, inhaling on a twist, exhaling when you move into another side, repeat 3-5 times each side.

Open up arms to sides, stretch them out-inhale, bring arms in hug yourself again- exhale, this time, open arms out to the side- inhale, stretch them back- exhale, pulse up and down slowly- inhale and exhaling- do 2 times.

Then take arms and stretch up down, left, right- shaking out hands- breathing normal- do 2 times each way.

Stretch out legs in front of you (off the ground, if able) breathe out on stretch, inhale bend knees in, breathe out stretch legs, breathe in bend knees in, repeat 5 times, slowly, when done leave legs stretched out but lower to ground, roll ankles left 5 times then right 5 times, curl toes in and out a few times, wiggle feet back and forth a few times….body should feel warmed-up! Onto more poses next time!

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