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With the Canadian federal elections upon us this month, I’m sure for those of you who have family, friends or colleagues with accessible needs want to know what each of the parties will do for Canadians if they are elected. Below is a breakdown of the accessibility and disability promises and hope that this will help you make an informed decision when you vote on October 19.

 Conservative PartyGreen PartyLiberal PartyNew Democratic Party
Canadians with Disabilities ActN/AYesNoYes
Affordable HousingN/AYesYesYes
Personal FinanceYesYesYesYes
Candidates with DisabilitiesN/AYesYesYes

conversative_logoConservative Party

  • Opportunities fund for people with disabilities for their projects. It helps people with disabilities across Canada prepare for the job market.
  • Home accessibility tax credit – proposed 15% non-refundable income tax credit would apply on up to 10,000 of eligible home expenses per year.
  • Re-introducing the home renovation tax credit and making it permanent.
  • Expand Registered Disability Savings Plans, by increasing the level of federal matching funds.

green_logo Green Party

  • Work to create a Canada Disability Act (CDA) to express Canadians’ vision of a more equitable society.
  • Enforce the Employment Equity Act to ensure persons with disabilities have equal opportunity to long-term employment and advancement.
  • Work to create a National Housing Strategy to invest in social housing with rental and purchasing options and retrofit where necessary.
  • National Home Care Policy, that incorporates and improves upon existing policies affecting eldercare.
    Ensuring couples needing support and care can continue to live together with economic allowances (such as tax rebates), living choices, transportation and respite care.
  • Help develop national guidelines for care of the frail elderly who have special needs and require care by geriatric specialist.
  • Medical intervention and treatment for those individuals who’s choice is dying with dignity.
  • Establish and fund a special program to provide grants to non-profit organizations setting up palliative care hospices.
  • Provide Federal health transfer payments to provinces and territories directed to rehabilitation for those who have become disabled.
  • Ensure elder abuse is recognized and prevented where possible by working in collaboration with provincial, territorial governments and law enforcement officials.
  • Work to enhance CPP by phasing in the doubling of the target income replacement rate from 25% to 50% of income received during working years.
  • Create a minimum living wage of $20,000 a year for everyone over 18 who needs it.
  • Support a national equipment fund to provide people with disabilities with wheelchairs and accessibility tools to fully participate in work and community life.
  • Several candidates with disabilities: David Clow, John RedinsNicholas Wendler

liberal_logoLiberal Party

  • Work to ensure that more minorities are reflected in positions of leadership by adopting a federal government wide open and merit based appointment process.
  • 10 year investment to build and refurbish affordable housing.
  • Address critical health care issues such as reduced wait times and strengthening home and seniors care.
  • Saving home mail delivery.
  • Cancel the Conservative government’s plan to change the eligibility for old age security from 67 to 65.
  • Introduce lifetime pensions for injured veterans.
  • Minimum living wage plan – introduced a guaranteed income supplement in 2014
  • Three candidates with disabilities: Carla Qualtrough, Colin Wilson and Kent Hehr.

ndp_logoNew Democratic Party (NDP)

  • Official announced a National Action Plan and Canadian with Disabilities Act
  • Ensuring accessibility standards for all forms of disabilities are met in social housing.
    Implementing a national strategy to ensure​ secure, adequate, accessible and affordable housing for Canadians.
  • Investing in home care for seniors and persons with disabilities.
  • Designated federal home care transfer to guarantee basic level of home care services to all Canadians, and designated federal long-term care transfer to begin to address the shortage of quality care spaces across the country.
  • Cannot permit assistive suicide – not until all groups involved are consulted.
  • Saving door to door mail delivery.
  • Boost GIS by $400 Million annually to help lift seniors out of poverty and allow for dignity and livelihood in retirement.
  • Increases to the Canadian Pension Plan benefit.
  • Cancelling the Conservative government’s plan to increase the eligibility for old age security from 67 to 65.
  • $15 national minimum wage as a vehicle to fight poverty.
  • Five candidates with disabilities.

Still unsure who to vote for? Make your vote count this October and go to Vote Compass.


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