Book Review: LEFT neglected

Lisa Genova's LEFT neglected book

Lisa Genova’s ‘Left Neglected‘ is a very interesting book about a woman who has it all, great kids, successful career, supporting husband and a nice home and her great life changes in the blink of an eye during a car accident on her way to work. This book really resonated with me as my life too was going great before ‘medical’ errors were made and left me with Ataxia.

She suffers a brain injury, which is called ‘Left Neglect‘. To explain a little bit about this type of injury: basically, her brain does not realize that her body has a left side, so she has to retrain her brain to see her left side once again.

As the San Francisco Chronicle says ‘It’s a chilling novel that explores the resilience of the human spirit.’  I do not want to give too much of the story away, but I will say that one of my favorite parts was when she learned to snowboard through the NEHSA (New England Handicapped Sports Association). ENJOY!!!

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