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Accessible Road Trip in the USA: The magic of Disney continues!

Disney World

After spending three nights on the Disney Magic, we went straight to Disney World in Orlando, Florida! There are many parks within Disney World, but we decided to go for the classic park, the Magic Kingdom. Torrance has been there over 10 years ago with the Sunshine Foundations day trip to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, so this was a good homecoming for him.

What I love most about Disney World is their accessibility and how many of their rides are equipped to allow for someone in a power wheelchair. We went on several rides that was accessible and our favourite is the Jungle Cruise.

There were also lots of live shows and parades that happens throughout the day, and the best show was the evening electrical parade and fireworks to cap off the magical day.

The next day we went to Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure. Torrance has been looking forward to this day for a long time now, to see the Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley and Hogwarts set. It brought back lots of memories going through the Dr. Seuss, Jurassic Park, and Marvel Comics zones.

The park rides, unlike the Magic Kingdom isn’t accessible with most requiring someone that’s able to transfer over to a manual wheelchair. However, that didn’t stop Torrance from having a blast especially in the Harry Potter zone, seeing all his favourite parts of the story come to life. We had butter beer, went to the wand shop where he picked up a wand, stood in front of Hogwarts, Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express!

After another magical day, we stopped by Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville for dinner and had an awesome time there as they had a live performance where we made a few request one being Torrance’s favourite musician, Michael Buble and this performers rendition of Feelin’ Good.

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