Accessible Road Trip in the USA: Sabres, Buffalo Wings and Pirates!

First Niagara Center
The ride in the MV1 and the gorgeous weather made our 6 hours ride that much more enjoyable. We didn’t anticipate to stop in Buffalo but after crossing the Peace Bridge we decided to drive around the city (downtown was really quiet compared to Toronto) and stop by the First Niagara Center (home of the Sabres) and Coca-Cola Field (Home of the Bisons) before going to Anchor Bar the Original Home of the Buffalo Wings for a bite!

The road to Pittsburgh was full of greenery with farmland and fields as we coasted along the Interstate. Along the way we from Buffalo to Pittsburgh we were counting McDonald signs and road kill, in total, we counted about 12 Golden Arches and road kills.

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city with lots of bridges connecting the different islands. the hotel we are staying at the Hampton Inn is accessible, the room have has a pull-in shower for a commode (however the commode we have doesn’t fit over their toilet), with a bed that’s portable Hoyer lift friendly and with lots of space in the room to move around comfortably.

PNC Park is also gorgeous with a view of the Pittsburgh skyline. The outdoor park provides an awesome feel while watching the game. Our view wasn’t bad either! The pierogies were quite good for ballpark food. During the 7th inning of the Pittsburgh Pirates vs. St. Louis Cardinals game was very touching, especially the part where it goes, “God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home”.

It’s been a long day and we can’t wait to explore the city tomorrow.

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