Accessible Road Trip in the Bahamas: Private islands and new experiences!

Disney Cruise - Islands of the Bahamas
Our first stop on the Disney Magic was onto Nassau, New Providence. When I first got off the cruise ship there was a strong tropical breeze (which I almost lost my hat to) which felt good on my face and in town I didn’t like the uneven sidewalks as they scared me because of the bumpyness. The walkways and stores however are fully accessible with ramps throughout the towns sidewalks. We decided to tour the island and was lucky enough to have found one of a few wheelchair accessible taxis operated by a gentleman named Gerard.

On the tour we made a stop at Fish Fry a local restaurant area to eat some conch, a local delicacy with a side of peas and rice which I enjoyed the taste of.

Even though we were able to find one of the few wheelchair accessible taxi drivers, the van wasn’t the most suitable for sightseeing as it was difficult for me to see above a certain angle inside, so you can say I saw half the island during the 2 hour tour. Nassau is a quaint coastal town, and the buildings are beautiful with their pastel colours.

On our final stop in the Bahamas we went to Disney’s private island Castaway Cay (pronounced key). Which had beautiful beaches with gorgeous clear blue water. Transportation around the island is accessible, they had a tram that took us to four different stops around the island. Of the two trams I went on, only one felt safe to me as the ramp on one of the trams was too steep for my liking.

Looking at the water and the beach wasn’t enough for me, so I asked my brother to get some salt water and splash it on me. For the first time in my life I felt the ocean water on me and it was cold and salty as advertised.

The weather was not the same as Nassau, it was a beautiful hot and sunny day which made me sweat like a dog. As we were on the ship leaving the island it was amazing to watch the island behind us drift further away from our eyes. Watching the ocean and the islands as the ship was moving on that night was relaxing and calming.

We will post up our Disney Magic experience soon!

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