Accessible Road Trip to the USA: We’re Home!

Torrance and MV1
After 10 hours of driving from Philadelphia we’re finally back in Toronto! Exhausted we’ve put together a list of our favourites, not so favourite and funny moments below.

Most accessible city: Pittsburgh, PA.

Most accessible hotel: Hampton Inn & Suites Pittsburgh Downtown (Torrance), Holiday Inn Washington Capitol Hill (Terrence).

Least accessible hotel(s): Homewood Suite Raleigh-Crabtree, Raleigh, NC, Holiday Inn Express Baltimore, MD and La Quinta Inn St. Augustine, FL. due to no roll-in showers in the accessible rooms.

Most accessible theme park: Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Favourite theme park ride: Jungle Cruise (Torrance).

Best food place: Mert’s Heart & Soul, Charlotte, NC (Torrance).

Best food place on the Disney Magic: Animator’s Palate (Torrance).

Funniest town/city name we saw: Fancy Gap, VA (Torrance) and Bland County, VA (Terrence).

Favourite state motto: “We’re Glad Georgia’s on Your Mind”

The funniest Brands we saw: Sheetz! in Virginia, West Virginia and Georgia.

Favourite ballpark: PNC Park, Pittsburgh, PA (Torrance), Orioles Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD (Terrence).

Best ballpark food: Perogies at PNC Park (Torrance), Crab Cake at Orioles Park (Terrence).

Most memorable moment while driving: Surviving the mega storm on the Appalachian Mountains (Torrance and Terrence).

Most memorable moment of the trip: Visiting the PNC Arena – the home of the NHL Carolina  Hurricanes, Raleigh, NC (Torrance), Visiting the Jefferson, Roosevelt, Dr King and Lincoln monuments in Washington, DC (Terrence).

Least memorable moment of the trip: Unidentified bugs in our hotel room in La Quinta St. Augustine. They’ve apologised and refunded us but the bugs are still unidentified.

Funniest moment of the trip: When Terrence thought we missed the cruise cause he kept thinking we’re boarding the Disney Dream and not the Magic.

Most expensive toll fare: $10.20 in Pennsylvania.

Favourite thing about the MV1: Feeling safe (Torrance) and good handling and powerful with a V8 engine (Terrence).

Least favourite thing about the MV1: Steep ramp (Torrance) and difficult to find controls on the dashboard when night driving and hard to reach certain buttons and cup holder without long arms (Terrence).

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