Accessible Road Trip in the USA: Finding Peace at the Park and Facing my Fear of Heights

Mural in Pittsburgh

We saw a lot of Pittsburgh on day 2! The highlights were:

Consol Energy Center: The home of the Pittsburgh Penguins. What stood out to me most was the Mario Lemieux Foundation mural. The center, unfortunately, did not have accessible buttons at the entrance we entered it.

Point State Park: It has a great scenic view of the city by the rivers, it is also where the three rivers Monongahela, Allegheny, and Ohio connect. After experiencing the view and serenity of the park, I am sold on the city and would consider moving this beautiful city. It is accessible with one ramp that takes you on the path along the rivers.

Primanti Brothers: It is one of Pittsburgh’s most popular sandwich shops due to their speciality of including their fresh cut fries and coleslaw in their sandwiches. My favourite was the pastrami sandwich the most! The location we were in does not have accessible restrooms.

Mount Washington: It was a magnificent view from the top of Pittsburgh even though I had some fear looking over the edge towards the skyline of Pittsburgh. I was surprised that the Monogahela Incline which took people up and down the mountain was wheelchair accessible! It was a great experience and helped me overcome my fear of looking down. Even though others say the night scene is spectacular I highly recommend the day scene.

It’s now almost midnight and we’re now having Turkish food ordered into our hotel room. We’ve got a long day ahead of us tomorrow as we’ll be driving to Charlotte, North Carolina!
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