Accessible Niagara Falls Ontario

Niagara Falls Ontario


My mom and I went to Niagara Falls, Canada for an overnight stay last week, we stayed at The Cobbled Path Bed & Breakfast. Gracious hosts at B&B Judy and Jim Schultz were very welcoming… it was very nice to be able to stay somewhere that was ACCESSIBLE in areas needed!



On our first day, we did The White Water Walk, it was very cool seeing and hearing water rapids, was nice being able to go along boardwalk without any worries, was a nice sunny day, I actually got some ‘heel raises’ in as there were secure ledges to stand-up and hold on too!


We then toured the Bird Kingdom, it was neat having birds and other species so close! It was all accessible as well and just like our previous attraction The White Water Walk my mom, my ‘caregiver’ was FREE!


Before dinner, we went to the Movieland-Wax Museum it too was accessible but as a huge movie buff… unimpressive to me…

Dinner was AWESOME! Mom treated me to The Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra it was delicious! We both enjoyed a wonderful 3-course meal!


The following day we just went to Floral Showhouse lots of flowers to see and smell!!!


Was a nice relaxed trip with only 1 access problem (that wasn’t on site) so Niagara Falls, Canada is ACCESSIBLE just do your homework before you go! Be prepared, investigate the area before you go. I’d recommend checking out Accessible Niagara for listings of places to stay, restaurants and things to do that are accessible!

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