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A Memory of My Mom

Neil and his mom

My mom was half of a dynamic duo that was my parents who wholeheartedly believed that I should be raised as a “normal” kid despite my challenge of living with Becker Muscular Dystrophy (BMD). As a child, I was encouraged to participate in activities just like any small town boy; ice hockey, soccer and Boy Scouts just like my older siblings. I’m reminded of a time in my twenties, years after my father’s passing, my mom and I were attending an MD chapter meeting and she was telling some other parents of my plans to leave home to attend college. I remember some of the other parents looking at my mom with disdain, thinking how could you let your disabled child leave the safety of home for the big scary world. But that was my mom. Despite her ambivalence and I’m sure fears, she realized that I needed to go and make a life of my own. I’m forever grateful for her love, support and instilling the belief in me that I can achieve anything! I miss you and love you, mom.

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